Our home & Kennels

Cristabo Dalmatians are based in Moores Valley which is approximately 20km's from Wellington city (the capital of New Zealand).  We have approximately 5 acres which is mostly natural bush with a couple of acres flat land out the front of the property.

There are usually between 10 and 12 Dalmatians at home at any given time depending on whether or not numbers are boosted by dals I am looking after or have puppies.  The core group is:

Purdie - Matriach and foundation bitch (will be 14yrs old this year).
Shilo - Purdies daughter from the first Cristabo litter bred (12 yrs old this year)
Dillon and Solitaire (mum and dad's pets, will be 8 yrs old this year)
Cole and Juno (litter siblings, just turned 6 yrs old)
Coco (my current show bitch)
Medo (Hayley's show bitch)
Cracka (rising star just turned 1)
Cookie (Coco's baby just 6mths)
Blaze - currently living with Bronwen in Blenheim

The oldies (Purdie, Shilo, Dillon and Sollie) live up in the house permanently and have their own dog lounge which we think of as the retirement home.  The rest of the pack have turns up at the house but have their own rooms with access to covered outdoor areas down in the kennels.  During the day they spend large amounts of time out in large grassy paddocks or running loose on the big green.  From time to time we also provide a home away from home for other breeds coming to board whilst their owners are away.  See below for photos.